Your customer appraising their own trade via KBB!

19 Sep

Kelly Blue Book, the self proclaimed “The Trusted Resource” is used by consumers every day!

According to KBB’s own site stats, “Over 13+ million visits generate more than 35 million pricing reports every month”

THAT is a lot of visits!

Have you ever had a customer come into the dealership with information from KBB in regards to their trade-in that might not be accurate?

Did the customer choose the wrong model, the wrong equipment or the incorrect condition for their trade?

What if you let the customer appraise their own vehicle using KBB with your assistance?

What better way for your management team to build rapport and trust with your customer, than to let the customer be a part of the trade appraisal?

Your Salesperson, Sales Manager and your Pre-Owned Manager can all be a part of this process!

Instead of doing a “silent walk-around” of the trade, get your customer involved in the process!

After all, if the customer appraises their own vehicle, it would be difficult for them to disagree with the results!

Here is the process that I have used thousands of times to perfection.

  • Utilizing a clip board, have blank copies of KBB’s “Quick Condition Quiz” (examples shown in this blog) attached
  • Escort your customer to their trade-in vehicle
  • Ask the customer for assistance by handing them the clipboard to fill out the “Quick Condition Quiz”
  • Do a full and complete “walk around” of the trade with the customer
  • Get the customer interactive by checking all of the equipment on the trade.
  • Check all lights, (headlights, tail lights, flashers, back up lights…etc)
  • Check tire tread depth and pressure
  • Check all interior equipment, i.e., power windows, power locks, audio equipment, navigation, DVD….etc…..
  • Check all exterior body panels
  • Check all interior seats and carpeting for stains or wear
  • Invite the customer to go on the “operational drive” of their trade to make sure the vehicle performs correctly

Utilizing this process allows you to ask the customer questions about their vehicle. You can ask the customer about all of the service records of the vehicle and when was the last time they had the vehicle serviced and what was performed at that service.

Upon the customer filling out the KBB “Quick Condition Quiz”, invite your customer to input the information themselves into

NOW….let KBB determine what “condition” the vehicle is in!!

Here is where the customer proceeds to fill out exactly what was checked off on the sheets on the clipboard. There are four sections to go through. Exterior, Interior, Mechanical and Miscellaneous.

Now you have let KBB determine the condition of the customers trade-in!

By utilizing the “Quick Condition Quiz”, the dealership AND the customer have a trustworthy and transparent way of determining the value of the trade-in.

The Dealership can then use the “KBB” value less any reconditioning costs that you and the customer have reviewed in the walk around of the trade-in, i.e., tires, brakes, body work, services and detailing.

Letting your customer appraise their own trade builds instant rapport and trust so that you have a better chance of closing the deal!


About the Author: From a Salesperson to a Dealer, I have a vast amount of experience in all areas of the automotive environment.

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One response to “Your customer appraising their own trade via KBB!

  1. Mike Singer

    September 22, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    This is a great idea … unless your desk guy is trying to make money (?!) by putting a low number on the trade. Market conditions obviously make a difference. That Charger would be worth a far different amount here in Detroit vs. trying to sell them in L.A. or Phoenix.


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