Are you ready for a BDC that does it ALL?? (Part 1of 2)

18 Aug

Does your BDC actually retain and develop business??

Are you ready for a BDC that does it ALL??

A BDC that actually Retains and Develops business for the store?

Are you ready for a BDC that goes well beyond simply handling incoming sales phone calls and sales internet leads?

Are you ready for a BDC that handles EVERYTHING in the store?

Are you ready for a BDC that handles ALL incoming Sales, Service, Parts and Body Shop calls, e-mails and texts?

Are you ready for a BDC that handles ALL outgoing Marketing efforts, Retention efforts, Customer Satisfaction efforts and Data mining?

Has this ever happened to you….??

You call a business to get a question answered.

Do you have to press “1” for this and “2” for that and so on…??

How irritated are YOU when you have to hit the prompt number…. only to wait again for yet another prompt…. to define your question to then go to another prompt…..UGH!!!!

Do you then just press “0” and beg for a live body to speak with??

Are you completely irritated before you even begin to speak with someone?

And by the time you do get to speak with someone, are you receptive to what they have to say??

In today’s “instant gratification, no patience” world, how long would YOU put up with not getting your questions answered?

What has happened to providing a “real” customer interaction with someone at the business that can handle any and all questions a customer may have?? And I am speaking of handling ALL questions….Sales, Service, Parts, Body Shop….etc…..

I am proposing that you do away with just having a phone receptionist and have your BDC handle ALL incoming inquiries.

If you have the phone receptionist “transfer” the call to that particular department, what happens when everyone is busy and they can’t take the customers call?

Does it bounce back to the receptionist? Do you then take a message?

Does the customer leave a “voicemail” for someone to answer in the specific department?

How long does it take for someone in that particular department to get “back with” the customer?? AND…most of all….don’t we want the people that are in their respective departments to handle the customers that are live and in front of them??

If the concept sounds expensive to implement, take a look at how many customer retention leaks you have going on at your Dealership now, and how much money you are throwing down the drain!!!

How many customers will you frustrate, not sell to, not retain and then lose to your competition?

How many of those frustrated and angry customers will tell everyone they know about their bad experience?

Will these unhappy customers give you bad reviews on DealerRater, Yelp, Google or any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +?

Unhappiness can go viral…..QUICKLY!!

STOP spending the majority of your marketing and advertising dollars in “traditional” marketing and advertising! What good will it do you if you advertise and market them into your dealership and then spend NO money or take NO action in trying to RETAIN them??

Think about it, if you were able to retain a VERY LARGE percentage of customers you have done business with, how many LOYAL customers would you have?

Take a look at your Service absorption percentage. Why are some Dealerships OVER 100% Service absorption? Wouldn’t it be nice to have ALL the bills paid before you sell your first New or Used vehicle?

The simple truth is….you can make this concept a reality……

You CAN be the Dealership that everyone wants to do business with!!

Make your business look like this:

Most towns have one…A legendary local business… that consistently attracts people from miles around…

It’s a place that the locals proudly bring visiting relatives and friends to….

The place that’s always jumping with turbocharged workers and lines of delighted customers…

Even while nearby competitors are struggling just to stay in business…

It is a highly successful business…where it is difficult to get a job there…all the employees are thoroughly trained…and all the employees wear a smile…and share a laugh…

Does this describe your organization??

In part 2 of this article, we will get into the specifics of what the BDC will do to retain and develop business for each department in the dealership!

About the Author: From a Salesperson to a Dealer, I have a vast amount of experience in all areas of the automotive environment.

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