Are YOU a Victim??

15 Jul

Have you ever heard someone say …

“it’s not MY job”


Finger point at another employee,……..

thus blaming them for the shortfall??

Or better yet, make up an elaborate story to simply cover their butts??

These people suffer from “victimitis”….

They feel they are the victims in every situation. They never hold themselves accountable and everyone else is always at fault….

They are the kings and queens of deflecting responsibility…

These folks get stuck in this victim cycle….for it is much easier to blame someone else rather than look in the mirror and see….. that it just might possibly be them…

Those that play the victim always find themselves in a defensive posture….

They say things like……

“there’s nothing I can do about it”

“all we can do is wait and see”

These folks that play the victim often waste everyone’s time with their pessimistic attitude and constant colleague bashing or boss bashing…..

These so called “victims” live in a world of denial.

They choose to pretend not to know that there is a problem or worse yet…..the problem is them…..

The old adage says…..either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem…..this is so true…

You HAVE to move these people out of their “victim cycle” in order to achieve success…..

You HAVE to engage them….you have to make them part of the solution process.

For if they don’t believe in their OWN solutions, they have problems that you probably can’t help them with……

They may need a therapist and many years of counseling….

Do you have a few of these “victims” around???

The only way you are going to move these people out of the “victim” cycle, is to get them focusing on results…

These so called victims need to understand that it is everyone’s challenge to succeed…. not just one person or one departments challenge….

The fact is…..organizational results come from collective, not individual activity….

When an organization fails to perform well, it represents a collective failure….

A failure of ALL people and departments to recognize and solve any situation that comes about…

The most powerful working environments apply the principles of joint accountability.

It is a working environment where people don’t fear accountability, but teach and coach each other in order to win.

While each individual accepts accountability for his… or her own performance …..each also knows that it takes teamwork and a sense of shared responsibility to achieve great success…..

Don’t let your people stay in the Victim cycle!!!

Don’t allow them to blame other people or situations for their own failure….

They need to first take a look in the mirror and then work together with the entire team to ensure success….

Here is a link to a video of this blog.

Are YOU a Victim???

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